The Rocca di Verra Multi-pitches

Climb above the Lago Blu glacial lake on the ancient glacial formations of the Rocca di Verra. Our guides have participated in bolting the routes with their clients in mind. There are several different multi-pitches differing in difficulty level, going from easy to challenging. The area provides one of the most picturesque climbs in the valley. From St Jacques, we will either taxi, walk or ride to the Verra Plain and then walk up past the Lago Blu, beginning the climb when we reach the Rocca di Verra. The re-entry to St Jacques will be later that day, also possibly by taxi.

Difficulty Level: From 4th and 5th grades to 6th and 7th  of the French Scale.

Cost:            1 person  €370                 2 people €500

The price includes the Mountain Guide accompaniment and instruction for the day and a harness for people who may not own one.

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