Norway: Spring Skiing in the Sunnmore Alps, Freeride on the Fjords

A skitouring proposal among the Norwegian fjords, find yourself between the deep blue Atlantic Ocean below and the bright white snow of the Sunnmore Alps.

Trip Details

This skitouring trip is designed to last 9 days in Norway and to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

Where? The Sunnmore mountain chain is found between the cities of Bergen and Trondheim in the district of Alesund, on the occidental coast of Norway. This area has the deepest fjords in the whole country and are located roughly 600km Northwest of Oslo. This area is known to be one of the most interesting places for skitouring, usually from the beginning of March to the end of springtime when the days become long and so one can stay outside until 10 at night.

Why the Sunnmore Alps? Right away upon arrival you will be submersed in a land full of breath-taking natural beauty and your senses will come alive. The Sunnmore Alps and Norway are rich in beautiful landscapes and there is no better place to live an adventure and to improve your skitouring skills.

Skiing Difficulty: The itineraries usually involve 1000m of climbing in altitude, where we would depart from 150-200 meters above sea level and climb to 1500 meters. The technical level of skiing is intermediate due to the presence of ridges, steep slopes and canals similar to the Alps. Telemarkers and snowboarders are also welcome.

Accomodation: We will be staying in Saebo (Sæbø), a small fishing village situated along the spectacular Hjorundfjorden in the region of More og Romsdal, 6 kilometers from the city of Store Standal. We chose this spot as a base camp because it allows access to most of the daily trips available in the area with a short ferry ride and little necessity for driving. The Hytte is a typical fishing house where we will be staying on the seashore in a beautiful spot, sort-of on a peninsula which heads toward the central part of the fjord. The house is built of wood and painted red and white with a grass roof. We will have access to TV and hot water and of course an amazing view of the mountains from the patio where we will meet up almost every evening for a congratulatory toast to our amazing day.

We will not be travelling/staying on any type of boat as it is not the most efficient way to get around this particular area of Norway and is not very compatible with our skiing plans. The tight space and lack of drying capabilities was also a thought.

With who? You will live this incredible adventure with the accompaniment of Matteo Calcamuggi, an official UIAGM Mountain Guide and ski/telemark instructor with over a decade of experience, who will always be accessible and available during the trip for advice, corrections and ski tips both in ascent and descent to facilitate technical improvements on skis, all with the goal of maximizing your enjoyment.

Importance of Safety: During the trip, there will be discussions and explanations on how to choose and plan an itinerary for following days, how to recognize and avoid risks and danger, how to use a transceiver along with the shovel and the probe in avalanche safety, how to use an airbag and other safety tools and precautions you may not know already regarding winter landscapes and sports. These discussions will make for an even more unique and interesting journey.

Like taking photos? Great! Your guide is also passionate about DSLR photography and has some valuable tricks up his sleeve on improving photography skills in winter terrain as well.

Need more convincing? 8 reasons to pack your bags and come with us

  1. Our program is structured for the optimization of both the ski and trip experience for each and every participant. The program involves moving around and finding the best conditions of the snow and weather. We have studied this zone of Norway and will use our position to strategically plan each and every day.
  2. Alongside, you will have a legitimate professional of all things mountainous and snowy with over ten years of experience who will know when and how to give suggestions, advice and help in various situations.
  3. We have the knowledge of most of places you will be exploring thanks to our past experience in the Sunnmore Alps, and knowledge of how to get the most out of the snow and weather conditions.
  4. We know what skiers need and want, whether in ski touring or freeride. The best lines come with experience and know-how.
  5. This trip is not a fruit of improvisation; it is the fruit of years of development and dedication.
  6. We know how to guarantee a fun and exciting trip, not only involving skis but also culture and nature.
  7. Our objective is to go above and beyond for the people who decide to share this adventure with us.
  8. This tour is not like anything else. Our offer is really based on the inspiration we got from being in these mountains and we would be very pleased to share the amazing experience with you.


Important Information

Dates: 9 days April 2019.

Why in this time period? The month of April in the past has proven to have the most stable weather and snow conditions. The spring sun allows for long days and possibly even two outings per day, going back home at ten PM.

Ski difficulty level: A good control of your skis both in ascent and descent is important for this trip.

Transportation: We will be renting a car and also using it to travel on ferry boats.

Accomodation: The classic Hytte Norwegian house close to the sea. Cooking dinners at home for convenience and cost.

Cost* for a minimum of 4 people: 1450 per person PLUS the flight.

The planning of this trip was done in collaboration with the travel agency Snow&Feelings.

*The cost is subject to slight change upon booking, so to be confirmed.


The price includes:

-Assistance and accompaniment of mountain guide, who is also ski and telemark instructor

-7 nights in the Hytte

-1 night in Oslo

-Car rental

-Common-use alpinism material

-Transceiver, shovel, probe for who may not have one

The price does not include:

-Flight to and from Oslo and the ski transportation


-Gas and tolls

-Food and drinks

-Rental of equipment

-Everything not specifically mentioned in the price.

Note: In the case of modifications to the itinerary due to uncontrollable circumstances regarding the organization such as bad weather or insufficient skiing capabilities of participants, extra costs will have to be covered by the participants.

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