3-Day Climbing Camp around the Grand Tournalin Mountain Hut for Kids and Teens

JULY: 14, 15, 16 –  21, 22, 23  –  28, 29, 30

AUGUST: 11, 12, 13 –  18, 19, 20 –  25, 26, 27

This mini-trip is something your children and their friends will remember for a long time. Learning to climb is exciting and is done best with good teachers, and who better than a Mountain Guide who climbs for a living. Our guides are happy to teach the exciting sport with safety and patience as their top priorities. We will leave from St Jacques at 2pm, hike to the hut (or possibly use a Jeep) and then set up our base there. We will climb for 3 days, eating and sleeping at the Grand Tournalin. We will return the third day to St Jacques in the late afternoon.

Each participant will need: Harness, helmet, hiking boots, sun glasses, long pants and shorts, a windbreaker, warm clothes, a sleeping bag (only sheet thickness), and clothes for 2 days.

The cost is €280 per person, minimum 6 participants, must be 6 years or older.

The price includes the Mountain Guide accompaniment and the cost of the mountain hut.

Please book at least 3 days before.

Guide Alpine Champoluc