Spring Cleaning: The Ayas Guides are out Clearing Trails


Most of the trails in the Ayas district have been cleared in the past week. The project started up thanks to the district’s initiative for getting back to the standard clean hiking trails Ayas is normally used to. Due to the incredible snowfalls this winter, many trees had fallen from weight and avalanches. There were numerous fallen trees obstructing almost all hiking trails. The clearing in this stage consists of cutting the fallen trees where they intersect the trails, whereas forest clean-up will be carried out later on by forest patrol.

So far, the guides have cleared these trails:

2a, 2b  from Barmasc to Zerbion and Colle Pillonet *

15 From Periasc to Champoluc

14 e 14D from Champoluc to Mascognaz

13A e 13B from Mascognaz to Crest/Frantze and down to Champoluc

4A from Alpe Nana Inferiore to Saint Jacques

Variant no.5 from Mandriou to Lago de Lochien

8E (Piergiorgio Frassati Trail) from Saint Jacques to Tzere

6 From Saint Jacques to Alpe Aventine

8a, 8b e 9 from Saint Jacques to Resy and Pian di Verra Inferiore

7 from Pian di Verra to Lago Blu

Trail from Frachey to Alpe Varda and Rovinal

Trail from Barmasc to Lignod

16, 16A, 16B from Corbet and from Periasc to Alpe Boussola

*Exceptions to these clean-ups are trails were avalanche snow or a high level of snow is present.

These snow-heavy trails will be carried out as soon as the snow melts. Another exception is the Ru Corthod, subject to a special maintenance contract.

Guide Alpine Champoluc